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We don’t expect you to be an expert— that’s why you have us. We are here to help keep your site online, backed-up, secure and up-to-date.


Our Solid State Drives ensure speedy delivery of your content to your customers. 99.9% up-time reliability and 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed!


We put in several measure to make sure your site is safe and secure, including a SSL certificate, daily backups and much more! Your website’s security is our #1 priority.

The OGAL Hosting Advantage

Technology is ever-changing.

It’s a fact we’ve all come to accept. Much like your phone or computer needing to update (for security or functionality) your website must be monitored and updated as well.

Because you’re busy running your business, keeping your site constantly optimized can become a chore. That’s why we have created a Website Care Plan that will relieve the headache and burden from you allowing you to focus on what you do best- run your business.

Why should I purchase a Care Plan?

Your website is built upon solid foundation. In order to extend the functionalities and customize the build to your needs we install additional software on top of that foundation. While some of these are free, many are premium licensed add ons that require a yearly subscription to stay functional. Updates to these applications are critical in the stability of your website.

A typical OGAL website has around $500 worth of yearly subscriptions (give or take). Our developer license allows us to use these tools on your site, so you never have to worry about paying any of these subscription fees- it’s all included in the Care Plan!

What else is included with the Care Plan?

While the software updates alone make our Care Plan a no-brainer- we want to go beyond that.  With our care plan not only will you get to continue to operate under our license you will also get:

  • Website Hosting – The average cost to host a website for one year is around $100, but with our care plan your site will be hosted on our servers at no extra charge.
  • Security – Keep your website out of the hands of malicious hackers and rest easy, ensured your website will stay out of harms way with our 24/7 premium website security.
  • SSL Certificate – Encrypt any data transferred over your website, like credit cards, names, addresses or any other personal data, to ensure your customers information is safe in your hands. Plus, SSL Certificates give a boost to your site’s overall health!
  • Incremental Backups – OGAL will automatically back-up your site daily. In the event something goes wrong with your site, or it gets hacked we can deploy the back-up copy and have your up and running in no time.
  • Google Analytics – Your site will be embedded with a tracking code that will allow you to access reports that provide insight to your website’s use. You can track visits, user location, demographics and acquisition so you better understand your visitors and their needs.
  • Maintenance – Yes, we will even update content on your site! Our care plans come with different amounts of “30-minute tasks”.  A 30-minute task can be something like updating text, adding a blog or video and tweaking the layout. Anything done in 30 minutes or less!


We offer premium hosting configured specifically for your site. Our systems are monitored 24/7 and have live support. With OGAL you'll never have to worry about keeping your site up & running.

SSL Certificates

Encrypt your customers data and keep it safe from hackers and thieves. This is a must for anyone conduction eCommerce transactions, and will help any site perform better and stay more secure.


Keep hackers and malicious attacks from infecting your website. Our Care Plan covers premium security to keep your website safe.


Professional & Enterprise subscribers get the full use of all our licensed plug-ins and features. We will install any updates needed and ensure all your modules are working correctly. Plus, you save money over purchasing all these features individually!


We can keep your site backed-up offsite- so if there is ever any issue we can revert your site to a previously saved version. Hopefully you will never need it, but if you do, you're going to be glad you have it.


All our monthly maintenance packages include levels of content updates, called "30-minute tasks". Our packages make it easy to only pay for the work you need!


Hosting Only
$ 25 Monthly
  • OGAL Hosting
  • Your Own cPanel
  • SSL Certificate
  • Discounted Hourly Maintenance Rates


Hosting, Backups & Maintenace
$ 75 Monthly
  • OGAL Hosting
  • Your Own cPanel
  • SSL Certificate
  • WordPress License Updates
  • Daily Off-Site Backups
  • Google Analytics Installation
  • Three 30-Minute Tasks


All Your Business Needs
$ 125 Monthly
  • OGAL Hosting
  • Your Own cPanel
  • SSL Certificate
  • WordPress Licnese Updates
  • Daily Off-Site Backups
  • Google Analytics
  • < 24 Hour Response Time
  • 24/7 Hosting Technical Support
  • Ten 30-Minute Tasks


You’re taking the first step to ensure you website is fast, secure, backed-up and ready to server your customers. Sign up below and we’ll get back to you shortly to make arrangements for your hosting plan!